Yet another Doskvol map!

Hi there!
I have been working on this for some time and the form and detail level is at this point quite good, i would say.
This is the digitized version of the beaufiful map by @timdenee . Still working out some details on the styling for the various kinds of areas, but in general the structure is there, I think.

Why you might ask? Because this means more “realistic” info when giving info to the players, it means possibilities to generate things in the city, and it means the possibility to render areas of the map in detail, based on the vectors.
Please send comments or suggestions!!


This is very cool!

Question (and I hope it’s not a stupid one): how do you get the isometric view?

right click on the map and you can move the angle

Duh! I thought I had tried that. Apparently not.

I REALLY love this map! I can’t want to show my players!

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