Delotox / Thomas (he/him)
I’m French, currently playing in a vanilla BitD game as a fancy mustachioed Iruvian Hound with a forbidden sphinx cub as my hunting pet, in the cult of the Maelstrom’s Children. At some point we’ll probably get the city engulfed in a huge typhoon so, yeah, look out for that I guess.

I will sooner or later begin MCing for a Scum & Villainy game because I love what I read about it, I’ve ran a test score several times at a con and loved it !

Outside of the BitD realm I’m mostly into weird urban fantasy games, with Unknown Armies at the top of the list. My game mates being mostly unherdable cats with conflicting calendars, I don’t play as much as I want to. In my 9 years as a TTRPG enthusiast, I’ve played Vampire, D&D5ed, a lot of Trail of Cthulhu, and a bunch of one-shots of almost every kind. I’ve also DMed some Scion hacks, some Unknown Armies, some Vampire, some Pathfinder…

I’m also an avid system hacker, and like a lot of us I’ve began a lot of projects and finished very little.
In the FitD backburner :

Other than that :