31 Villas Ripe for Plundering

Released in 1860, Villas on the Hudson: a collection of photo-lithographs of thirty-one country residences contains exterior photos and detailed blueprints of beautiful country homes owned by the sort of person who would absolutely own something worth stealing. And wouldn’t you know it, but its available through the New York Public Library’s Digital Collections.

Print out one copy for your team who had the foresight to invest in quality documents, and one for yourself with the locations of secret vaults and guard patrols! Alternatively, string 'em together to form an castlevania-esque mish-mash of a Governor’s Mansion! The possibilities are endless.


This is awesome! I’m going to use the snot out of these! Thank you!

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Yeah, these are definitely cool, thanks for sharing.

Also, very odd how many of them are near where I live.


Is there a way to download this as a pdf?