3D Duskvol map and table

Hello everyone!

I am prepping to begin a massive project in the next few weeks. Going to be designing and 3D printing the city then building a table around it. I’m well aware that it will take a long time but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Aspects I will be giving detail to:
-various buildings will be able to be pulled apart for crews to interact with the interiors. (Magnets)
-modular build so it can be pulled apart and put back together again in a different fashion, allowing gameplay with only sections of the city or interactions within a district.
-the table will be in several sections which means the city can be within the table with a glass top for regular use.

Suggestions and comments appreciated! Thank you


This is the printer I will be using will arrive next month which makes it feel like Christmas or the Immortal Emperor’s birthday celebration!



Wow! What an amazing project. Can’t wait to see it develop.


This sounds like it could be spectacular! What scale are your buildings gonna be? I think John once said he kept the scale purposefully vague so it could either be a megatropolis or a medium sized city.


I am not sure as of yet, I have yet to decide the scale but once I know I’ll let you know.

Little update here! So I have been extremely busy of late having heart surgery, graduating college with my BA as well as getting married all in October but wanted to give an update on the project!

I have been doing a few test prints on my husband’s Sparkpro resin printer as well as gathering all the supplies for printing and painting the cityscape. We should have a few 3D models of a few popular buildings here in the next few months. This is the part that takes the most time as I have to build out the city in Blender then break it down into pieces that can fit back together like a jigsaw.

The current scale of the entire city as shown in the core rulebook is 4-4.5 feet by 2-2.5 feet. I am still toying with the overall scale but the current building scale is 20-30mm tall average (currently). Print time is about 4-6 months in total.

I will be keeping you all posted on the progress and will share pictures as the steps get completed! So excited to learn and experience Duskvol IRL. :grin:


The Dresdenverse fan in me suggests you call it “Little Duskvol”. :grin:


Do you have any progress pictures yet by any chance @Mistletoe_kiss?

I want pictures to! :smiley:

I do not at the moment as I am still learning how to use Blender (noob here!) but due to quarantine I’m sure I will have some pictures to post soon. Been running some various resin tests as well.

It’s been a low priority of late but my to do list is clearing so I can dedicate more time which I am absolutely stoked about!


So work has begun on the 3D Duskvol print for my table project! I am learning how to use Blender and decided to use the beautiful maps provided by @timdenee alongside the 3D model to learn muscle memory for the hotkeys. Will keep everyone appraised of progress and should have a district ‘up and modelled’ in the next few weeks!

3D model used as reference


Amazing! Can’t wait to see more.

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Interesting. I just started building Doskvol for Unreal Engine 4 so I could give my players some awesome visuals.


How am I only seeing this now? Great project!
I had the idea of putting a 3D map of Doskvol online. In fact started:
I took the map of Jack Toth https://www.artstation.com/artwork/z28WZ with his permission and turned it into a model that everyone can look at online (20MB html):

There are bugs (geometry being turned inside out, …).
Seems like you are going for more detail when it comes to the geometry, @Mistletoe_kiss. If you want to share your map, that would be great. If you want support, let me know.


Thanks Zimb!

Looks great and yes I am going for more detail for printing reasons as I will be painting and setting the entire diorama into a table.

Blender has been slow due to grad school applications and homeschooling the little one but once I get more completed I’ll definitely make sure to post and if I need help I’ll also let ya know.