A couple of Skydagger Questions!

For Reinforce the Ramparts, can a Specialist with Noble Boost the LTP roll?

For Stop the Main Force, is there a penalty for only sending one Specialist, or is just a regular Assault Mission, so you’re OK if you have at least one required Assault Mission Specialist?
ALSO, ‘three enemy units’ means 3 Squads of basic troops? Or could/should one or more be Elite(s)?

Same question with Assemble the Siege Weapons.

Finally for Hold the Second Wave, I think I don’t fully grokk how that 10-clock for the Chosen/Infamous fight works. Is it just a timer that I tick as consequences? Should there be a Fortune roll to determine… something? In our case, the Legion has acquired the Relic Spear from Duresh Forest, and they tend to hand it off to Zora to fight with, so should that give her some extra juice going up against The Hag? A quick walkthrough of how you tick this particular clock would be a big help!

ALSO, “A Lieutenant AND ITS UNDEAD” is awfully vague about exactly how much pain to bring here? How do I balance it? The LT will be General Mihkin, so that will mean Heartless (which will be appearing at Skydagger for the very first time!), but how many? I plan to give them a bloody and horrifying wave of Hexed refugess who just pile their bodies up against the wall World War Z style. The challenge will not be killing them, but keeping them from piling high enough for the undead behind them to climb their broken corpses over the Wall.


Hi @JimLikesGames my campaign is also just a few sessions from Skydagger so I am also starting to look into it.

For Reinforce the ramparts I believe that the Noble trait will technically apply, as LTP can be boosted in the campaign phase. My players have not noticed this so kudos for noticing it!

I think you mean Hold the Lower Pass? It mentions 3 units? I would mix and match threat 1 and 2 forces as it makes sense. So let us say you have Blighters forces in this mission it could be 2 units of Rotters, 1 Horror and Black Rotting Gale leading the action. As long as you have the required Specialist for a mission there is no penalties to the engagement roll for a mission. Stop the Main Force is a Recon mission and would need a Scout or Sniper. Hold the Lower Pass is an Assault mission and needs a Heavy, Medic or Sniper.

Assemble the Siege Weapons is a Supply mission and needs a Heavy, Officer or Scout.

You have a lot of leeway with how you want to handle it. The way I would do it is to have the 2 x 10 Clocks in the background as a sort of Boss Fight going on between Zora and the Lieutenant. It acts as timer clock essentially so while they fight in the background we keep the narrative focus on the PC’s and the goals they have to accomplish. I would then put several clocks on the table that represents the undead getting in and over the walls. Maybe a squads morale is faltering and they will soon break and at one of the gates Blighter is using alchemy to dissolve the gate. Stop these 2 clocks before the titanic fight in the background finishes. Depending on who beats who, Zora might come the help with a 3 and final obstacle or if Zora lose, she falls back and the PC’s have to deal with a wounded Lieutenant as the 3 obstacle.

Balance in BoB depends very much on how crafty your players are wrangling the fiction and the ressources (stress, blackshoot, grenades etc) they have left. I would look at earlier missions and see how many clocks they defeated there and use it to gauge how much opposition to put on the table. When the players have fictional advntages (the walls of Skydagger) they tend to be able to deal with more clocks. Take a look at my Siege of Kevala post and see how many clocks my players got done with in that session. It was close to being “The Clockening”!.

If you reach Skydagger first please share your experiences with running the sessions :wink: