A few questions about the Medic

Hey, I’m starting a Band of Blades campaign for my home group, and I was reading over the playbooks to make sure I’ve got a decent handle on abilities, gear, etc.

(First session was awesome by the way - the specialists blew the Hozelbrucke bridge with no casualties and took down a horror, we established that the Legion had been lured into a trap at Ettenmark because their spies got turned into Hexed, the commander is already planning on taking the mountain route, very exciting stuff)

Anyway, reading through, I had a couple questions about the Medic -

  1. Does the medic’s Attaché ability count against the six ability limit? I don’t think it’ll come up but I was curious.
  2. What exactly is a “wound complication”, for the purpose of using a fine medic kit? Is it up to the table to decide, or is there some design intent or mechanic I’m missing?

Thanks in advance for any answers or assistance!

  1. I would say it counts toward the six abilities limit. If it wouldn’t, it would be explained in the rulebook, and it isn’t.

  2. Up to the table. It coud be infection. It could be further loss of blood. Things that the fine medic kit would allow to resist more effectively or prevent without resisting.

Gotcha, thanks.