A new crew of Assassins has entered the scene

You may expect great stories from them :smile:


Beautiful work! I look forward to the stories.

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Thanks! :smile:

Regarding story: Haven’t you ever wondered why their is so few infighting between those “noble” Leviathan Hunters? Yes, there are some minor incident now and then and yes, the Leviathan Blood is the fundament of the status quo and if you hurt the status-quo you hurt yourself… True? False!

The real reason why there are so few incidents are (our should I say were) a small crew of ruth -and merciless individuals acting as the executive authority in behave of all houses. With leviathan hunting came the insight that it’s already deadly enough without having a rival house breathing down your neck and therefore a pact was closed. If you or one of yours step over the line there will be a harsh punishment. A special crew was formed to make this threat true. The first years were very bloody but then the arragement worked out.

Well, until recenty when that crew got an order they did not fulfill (Why? We don’t know … yet). Again their were lots of blood and now the crew is hiding in Doskvol trying to get … yeah, what excactly? Is it revenge? Is it piece of mind? Is it a glory death? We’ll play to find out!

(We had Session 0 last week and I can’t wait for this week to see the next step)


After our FoQ Session (see other post) we had a longer freeplay session in which we talked/learned about the former members of the “Die Henker” (The Executioners, The Hangmen) crew. They were responsible for the peace between the 'Hunters for some hundred years, so it was clear that thee is a bit of history in them.
We had some of those NPCs already during the FoQ- and our regular session but did not know all the details and we even added new faces and their stories. Inspired by that session I did the attached cover. Maybe it’s somewhere framed in our new HQ as a reminder to stay alive and have our revenge.


Which one of them has been compromised by a leviathan’s song?..

You mean which one isn’t? :slight_smile:

From all those persons only three are still what the norm calls alive, the rest is dead, lost or missing. We’ll see who we’ll encounter in the future. Some Leviathan song will not be a problem :wink: