A Newbie Looking for a Group (GMT) (Trans Friendly)

Hi I’m a big fan of the game but never got a chance to play and would love to find a game in the UK if possible. I’m fairly flexible but would prefer a weekend but happy to be swayed. I am guessing we’d want to use roll20 & Skype (i’ll pay a sub to it if i have to to get the character sheets from john’s game working? But might need a hand) and the basic introduction campaign rather than go mod heavy.

As regard my abilities i’ve not role played online so i’m willing to be or have a GM join the group but if i am GM please be aware i’ve not done that before (patience may be required)

Anyways if there are any UK fans that want a game please do hit me up


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I am interested in an online game.

Not native english speaker though. And GMT+1
but that is managable in the weekends I think.

I have played a few games in english.

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Okay, a bit late…

Sorry, there’s a chance i’ll be homeless in december and did not want to set up a game with people and let them down. I have already ran into two games where the GM imploded before we could even meet up. I am going to take on the task of being a GM as i like this game enough to just help others play but want to be stable in my living environment before commiting. That said i have set up roll20 with a game to drop as soon as i know i’m not going to be homeless.

Rest assured i will advertise it on the site as well as roll20 “join game” and plan to play on the weekends.

Thanks for responding

Good luck with your stuff :sunflower:

I’m reasonably sure you don’t actually need a pro subscription to use the Blades sheets. There might be functions that don’t work maybe, but the basic functionality should be there. Try before you buy :slight_smile:

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Oh i setup several sheets, pages, a few rough ideas for jobs, a test character and crew, even played through some mechanics. I’m blown away by the free system, the sheets and such and might upgrade if i get regular games of blades and so on going as i bought the amazing image packs for it too but are too large in size for the free account. The only thing i’m tempted to do is drop tokens for each major power in each district for players to click on to see who’s “boss” in those districts. My only wish is i could duplicate a game as a template to save this setup for myself but i’m going OTT tbh.

I could start a game now (provided i can find a crew of 4 daring scoundrels) but just want to make sure i have a house in january else they would only get on game before i vanished into the unknown becoming an IRL scoundrel.

If you are interested i set up a form on google a while back a quick way to filter people who wanted to play if you want to jump the queue :slight_smile:


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You could consider joining the Discord too if you want to discuss stuff.

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I signed up on the sheet, am in the UK

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Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far on the google sheet. I took a look today and have three responses which is almost enough i’d say. If anyone else wants to sign up there’s still room i’d say.

I’m little intimidated that two of you have GM’d before but will be happy to have this as my first time GM’ing a game, as long as everyone is patient.

Just to be clear i’m having some housing/lease issues i need to resolve (and make sure i have somewhere to live after november) but as soon as this is resolved (hopefully with good news) i would probably talk about meeting up once before christmas to have a character and crew building session and agree a date in 2020 to start our adventure.

I have signed up too now.

Are you still looking for a group?

Hi I’m sadly sorting out a rent agreement that makes my situation unsure in 2020… Given that i didn’t want to start off this group until i have confirmation i have somewhere to live but hoping to get this resolved (one way or another) next week.

If you are looking to join i think we can fit another in the team? Five is about the max i’d want to get to as a group but there should be a link in this thread for the google form if you want to join


Good news! I will be able to GM this game in 2020 \o/ as a result i’m contacting everyone to see if there is a day in december we could meet up on skype/discord (maybe not even on roll20) to discuss crew creation, theme, safety etc and just get ourselves situated for a game. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for being patient and also the help/support i’ve had setting up the game



I have filled in the form. My discord is TheYeetly#3382.

Hi everyone, thanks for any responses after the 19th last year. We’ve got our group and have been running a game for while now. Sorry for anyone that jumped in late but i think we’ve got a good crew for now and will be sticking with who we have. If there is a need to bring in more for our weekly games i’ll be sure to post on this thread. Thanks again and sorry for anyone that didn’t make it in. Hope you scoundrels find a crew in the near future and if i run another game be sure you’ll be on my list!