A poem for my hack

Hi all-
I’m working on polishing my modern / near future hack with some commissioned art and writing setting info. I’m even thinking about taking a crack at a short story. I thought it would be fun to share a commissioned poem that will lead into one of the setting options.

Welcome to the world of your dreams.
Where everything is exactly as it seems.
Please, get what you need, for you are the perfect buyer;
Gadgets, technology, phones, clothes and anything your heart desires.

But what about security you ask?
You just consume what you need, and we’ll take care of that task.
You are safe here and free to do and buy what you’d like,
New VR headset, branded clothing and bikes.

You have so many choices to make,
And it’s only your humanity and privacy we will take.
You are free, as long as we approve…
But don’t worry, we are watching your every move.

Poem by: Brian Morales