A problem with healing i coudnt answer

Hey there everyone, ive been running bitd for friends and was wondering if anyobne could answer something

at the end of last hiest two of my players were full on level 3 harm with 1 stress left each,
aftr the hiest we did downtime but both of them didnt get enough to fill a healing clock?

so my quest is what am i to do now? we were all confused ande made the decison, that the pcs are just two injured, and when heists are done they will get to attempt to heal again, and got nthem to make new scoundrels? was this correct?

Making new scoundrels is definitely an option.

They could also spend 1 REP or 1 Coin to take an extra downtime action to try and advance their healing clocks.

Ah thanks. Would you do it as one coin per part of a clock or 1 coin to attempt healing again?

On p. 153, the rules state

“A PC can make time for more than two activities, at a cost. Each additional activity from the list costs 1 coin or 1 rep.”

So by spending 1 rep or 1 coin, they can do an additional healing action. Rolling a 1-3, they advance the clock 1 tick, 4-5 equals 2 ticks, 6 is 3 ticks, and multiple 6’s means 5 ticks.

When they’re this banged up, they can also get lost in their vice:

Alternately, you may choose to release your character to be “lost in their vice” during a game session, allowing them to indulge off-camera while you play a different PC. A gang member, friend, or contact of the crew might be created as an alternate character to play, thus fleshing out the landscape of PCs.

And then:

Lost. Your character vanishes for a few weeks. Play a different character until this one returns from their bender. When your character returns, they’ve also healed any harm they had.

It’s in the Vice section: https://bladesinthedark.com/vice
(The page is bugging for me… hopefully it’s temporary)

Just have them play some friends, or contacts, or relatives, or whatever, of the characters. Now the gallery of characters is bigger, and that’s always good right? :smiley: