A Seventh Squad

So, the Quartermaster in my new game decided that one of their first Long Term Projects would be to add a seventh squad to the legion. I said it would be an eight clock to set up the infrastructure to support the squad and then separately recruit five new legionnaires.

The QM knocked it out of the park, getting a critical success and spending laborers, filling seven ticks of the eight tick clock.

Now I have to figure out what it will mean for the legion to have an extra squad. Feels a bit boring if the only answer is “you’ve got an extra squad staying at home each mission phase”. Maybe it means they have enough rookies to support sending squads on all three missions (I’m guessing their lack of extra specialists mean that those missions aren’t super-likely to be successful, though)

Has anyone else played games where extra squads came up?

I haven’t had a game where this came up. But a couple things do occur to me:

  1. The extra squad, at the very least, serves as a buffer to losing too many legionnaires to stay together.
  2. While you can send them on tertiary missions, there’s a whole economy that balances out doing so: even if you have the specialists to spare, the possibility of morale loss from deaths and the need to spend resources to give engagement rolls a decent chance of success make it a chancy and expensive enterprise to engage in every phase.
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