A Shadows Custom Campaign - The MIssing Marvels of Mallory Morell

Hi! I’m working on a project that would help GMs build a custom Shadows campaign quickly and tailored to the choices of the group. While the nature of the game is low prep, it can help to have some notes handy to springboard from and a campaign structure that helps a group decide what to do next.

The premise in short: Lady Mallory Morell was a genius of her age, but due to mysterious circumstances she vanished. Forty years later the last surviving member of her coterie, the musician Bram Jarvis, places his journal into the hands of one of the players before passing away. It’s on our principal to gather an able crew, locate and steal seven of Morell’s creations around Doskvol and uncover their secrets within so that they might find their way to her secret trove. The ultimate score - but first, they need the other Jarvis Journals, which are on the auctioning block tomorrow night!

The general structure introductory score and one other sample score (all WIP) are provided here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2yoj21pzrvf7k1a/AADtSOgEuL5IPPgqI5ojeSSTa?dl=0

I aim to have around 10-12 scores that target various group styles and playbook choices, so the GM can shortlist seven that fit the group they’ve got. Notes on how to fit the player backgrounds into each score will be provided as well. One of the elements I want to facilitate is the notion of ‘how the crew got together’, with a quick guide inspired by Vincent Baker’s excellent “The Kind is Dead”. It’s been tested and worked a treat.

I really would love your feedback, especially if you’ve taken it for a spin.