A Trio of Plainsworth Missions

Rather than write up my overly-long AARs, I’m going to share the missions I generate and maybe you’ll be inspired by one or decide to just wholesale steal them and save yourself a little bit of time.

Here are the missions I generated for Plainsworth:

Operation Emerald Thorn
Recon Mission
Rewards: +1 Intel, -1 Time
Penalties: +1 Pressure

After the assassination of Boreyev One-Eye in his base camp of Dunnabel, Sveverena Bear-Tooth took control of the forward detachment of the Knights of the Black Oak. Not much is known of her leadership style or whether she’s fully consolidated control of the Knights.

The village of Teichdorf sits on a hill to the southwest. Its windmill offers an excellent view of the surrounding countryside and the main routes coming out of the Western Front.

Dispatch a squad to observe numbers and troop movements for the next 3 days. Especially note any new banners that get raised or if any of Render’s lieutenants have begun to march.


Operation Flying Hawk
Supply Mission
Rewards: Asset, +1 Supply
Penalties: -1 Supply

The 61st Chevaliers, an Orite artillery unit, fled across the Tigeria River by taking a riskier northerly route directly toward Plainsworth.

It did not go well.

Caught in a heavy thunderstorm, they were forced to abandon their cannons and other supplies in Moddergrat Bog, a shallow bay off the western side of the Tigeria.

Those cannons - especially a large one called Countess Fierona- could help fortify the defense of Skydagger Keep

Dispatch a squad to recover whatever you can before the artillery are lost to the bog or worse: fall in enemy hands.


Operation Chosen Wolf
Special Religious Mission
Rewards: +1 Religious Supplies, Specialists gain +2 xp, Gain a Heavy (+2 actions)
Penalties: None

Voyis Kariyevich, the Kingfisher Knight, is renowned for his skill in battle.

He’s said to be cursed, and rather than inflict his condition on others, he retired to Eisnebel Peak in the nearby southern mountain range to spend his days in contemplation in the care of the Monks of the Bronze Bond who tend a holy site high on the mountain.

If Voyis could be swayed to join and endure the cleansing ritual, his expertise in combat might would surely be a huge benefit to the Legion.

Dispatch a squad to convince him the Legion needs him enough that he should endure the cleansing ritual needed to cure him.