Action Potential- a cyberpunk body-swapping ttRPG set in a far-future dystopia!

Hi there!

I’m running a Kickstarter for Zine Quest 2021, making a Forged in the Dark stand-alone ttRPG called Action Potential.

We have smashed the funding goal, and all of the stretch goals I’ve come up with so far!

The setting is a far-future cyberpunk dystopia. Body-swapping, interstellar travel, and of course crime! Crews come together to either revel in the anarchy, or to fight against it.

I’ve made some unique character sheet designs to allow for body-swapping without all the pesky erasing of stats. I love classic body-swapping mechanics in RPGs, but I wanted something slick and easy for players to dive in and out of different situations. No need to erase stats or change anything on the character sheet!

Delivery is expected to be May 2021, with 2 free scenarios published as downloadable PDF.

Happy to answer any questions.

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