Adding extra Rookies to Squads?

Hey all,

My crew and I are a couple sessions into BoB. Awesome so far! They have just completed their missions at Western Front and are planning to move on.

So, a question for those Legionnaires wiser than I: If the legion ends up recruiting extra rookies can they build squads up bigger than 5 Rookies/Soldiers? Is it possible to have 7 members in a squad?


Theorically, no.

Recruiting Rookies is one thing. Feeding, training and arming them is another. The Supply/Food economy doesn’t not allow for so many people.

You have just played “a couple missions”. If you play the game as intended, after a few more missions you will have the opposite problem: not enough Rookies to man the six squads, not enough supplies to do what you wanna do etc.

You don’t need more than seven rookies per squad to get the scale benefits.

There has been some discussions about the Western Front Long Term Project (see