Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark -- coming Soon!

Hi all-
Here is an update on my hack - Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark. In a nutshell - imagine Ocean’s 11, Mission Impossible, The A-Team, or Fast & Furious…with cyberware!

You can find a short story - Corporate Care - and a sneak peek of The Tech playbook (with drones), the Redlines crew type, the augmentation add-on, and a few pieces of artwork HERE.

The full game will include 8 playbooks, 3 crew types, augmentation rules (including skill mods that temporarily change your action ratings and XP triggers), enhanced vehicle rules, descriptions for more than 30 cities, and a set of business cards to generate NPCs. The game will also have a deck of poker cards to generate operations on the fly and to add suspense to a revision of the Devil’s Bargain. I also have about 1/2 of the first draft completed for Adrenaline: Glitch – an expansion…in case playing in one reality just isn’t enough.

I’m headed towards a small Kickstarter campaign in a week or two so that I can finish off the artwork and layout.

You can sign up HERE![adrenaline%20cover|333x500] if you would like me to send you an update when the Kickstarter campaign is live!


Here is the teaser video –

Adrenaline: Intro Video

It took quite a while to get the right “feel.” Although this could be played like dark cyberpunk, I view the tone as lighter and not as oppressive. I keep coming back to my core inspiration – Ocean’s 11, Mission Impossible, or Fast & Furious…with cyberware.

I plan on doing a small kickstarter to help me cross the finish line with this product. I want to make sure backers have the opportunity to be part of the game, so I’ll be providing low cost opportunities to adopt one of 36 cities, be part of the NPC business card deck, create an improv prop, or get customized “Mobster Dinner” artwork.

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Very impressive video editing!

I’m working on getting it revised with lest text-

Here is the new version of the intro video.

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