Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark - v1 Published

January 23 2020: Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark v1 Published

The full Adrenaline Core Book and resources should have been sent to all Kickstarter backers this afternoon. It is also available for purchase here:

This version (v1) does not include a setting. The city of Miami setting is being edited and will be added to the next version of the Core book. The next version will also have additional art. The book itself also needs additional editing and proofing before being submitted as POD. If interested, you can provide feedback, suggestions, requests for clarification, edits, etc on this version by using this form:


I am prioritizing my work on Adrenaline as follows. Now that the core book and initial resources are complete, the remaining work should go faster.

Core Book Expansion: Adding more artwork, making additional edits, adding Miami, FL as a developed setting (written, just needs editing).
NPC Business Cards
World Book (written, needs layout work)
Backer Tier Rewards
Poker Card Deck
Print on Demand (book & deck)
Mirror World Add-On
Glitch Add-On
Dog Days RPG Add-On
Allies & Adversaries

I hope you enjoy the game! Please let me know if you have any questions-