Adrenaline -- Optional Cyberware

I am getting close to launching a small Kickstarter to wrap up my Adrenaline hack, so I thought I would share my approach to cyberware.

It functions similar to gear. It either enables something (like enhanced senses or microdrones embedded in tiny secret compartments) or gives specific bonuses (like potency on actions related to strength or leaping). A few also include cosmetic things (like Trendskin turning exposed skin into an electronic billboard). The “BFI” is a neural lace implant that provides an “always on” connection to the Internet and enables augmented reality. It is also hackable (the veteran special ability). Finally “Skitz” is a downloadable skill & personality program that allows for shifting up to 2 action dots and changing XP triggers (if it makes sense for the personality modification).

The negatives to getting cyberware are fairly minor – they can be expensive after character creation and they do complicate the recovery from harm.

Since cyberware is optional, it is on a 1/2 sheet that can easily be added to the right side of the playbook sheet.

The sheet also contains drug augmentations and an addiction clock that fills with using certain types of drugs and cyberware. A filled clock leads to the “addiction” trauma…in addition to traumas gained by running out of adrenaline (too much stress).


Here are the latest playbooks for my Adrenaline hack. There will be a few tweaks, but they are close to done. “Juice” is somewhat similar to special actions in Band of Blades, but not tied to a specific playbook. It can be used to gain expertise in an area, open the possibility of a 4th action rating, adding psionic abilities, supernatural heritage, etc. The expiration date on the ID is intended as a clock for burning an assumed identity, but it is proving to be more trouble than it is worth. Networks replace backgrounds - what social circle is the character most comfortable with.

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