[Adrenaline] Vehicle Customization

I’m wondering if @ebrunsell might be able to weigh in on this, but in the Vehicle section of the character sheets there is a Customization area with four hexes beneath it. While the words “customize” and “customization” appear in the Garage entry, there doesn’t seem to be a discussion of what Customization means or is used for (even just a “Work it out with the GM!” statement). Like Vehicle Modifications or Traits, can/do Customizations give quality or potency to actions?

I apologize that I didn’t respond to this earlier. I have been incredibly active on the Blades Discord server and have neglected this forum.

The Driver & Tech both have special abilities that allow them to customize a vehicle to add ‘quality’ to a vehicle trait as a long term project. The “customization” boxes on the character sheet represent the 4-tick clock for that project.


⏥ GEAR HEAD During downtime you can use engineer or finesse to customize a vehicle as a 4-tick long term project. Each project can add quality to a single vehicle trait. When you first pick this ability, you can select one vehicle trait to gain quality. You clear two extra damage boxes whenever you attempt to repair a vehicle.

SKUNKWORKS: When you invent or create a new technological device, take +1 result level to your roll. You can use a 4-tick long term project to add quality to any single drone trait. This can be done once per drone trait. When you select this, you can pick one drone trait to improve or start with one device.

That makes sense, thanks!!

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