Advancing from Rookie to Soldier (and beyond...)

Hi all, so excited to finally have the full rules in our hands! :slight_smile:

One of our players recently advanced from a Rookie to a Soldier. He did this by filling the Special Abilities clock and choosing Not a Rookie Anymore. Correct?

He copies over his Devil’s Own Luck rookie ability, copies over his skills, wounds, stress, etc. onto a Soldier character sheet. So he now has his same skills, and 1 point in Grit. Correct?

He also chooses a new Special Ability on the Soldier sheet. He took Elite.

He is aiming toward becoming a Sniper. He has 1 in Scout, and 2 in Shoot which qualifies him. Correct?

All he needs to do now is fill up the Special Ability clock again and pick Specialist Training to become a Sniper, correct? He doesn’t need to fill up the Specialist clock and add Aim as well?

When he becomes a Sniper he moves everything to a Sniper sheet, and chooses a new Sniper special ability.

This is our first promotion, so just checking we’re doing it all correctly! :slight_smile:



This is correct. When they gain Specialist Training and choose Sniper, they get a free dot in Aim. I figure you know this, but just in case I thought I’d spell it out. :wink:

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So fast Duan. And so right! :smiley: Also welcome to the forums whiskeyjack!

Seeing rookies turn into soldiers fills me with glee. Our game tends to see rookies turn into lorekeeper tales, which also fills me with glee, but of a different kind.

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Fitting profile name. :slight_smile:
I thought of Whiskeyjack (and mostly Coltaine) when I read about Band of Blades. The march through the desert to Aren feels like the road to Skydagger Keep.

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