Advice for First Time Running BitD

I’m preparing to run my first BitD game I was wondering if anyone had any advice. Everyone in the group, including me, is an experienced gamer. I’m specifically interested in advice related to understanding the system and conveying the setting to people who, probably, haven’t read the rules.

Thanks in advance!

I play by myself and anwser my questions. Sounds funny, but it helps to practice the system and gain confidence.

Keep a checklist of all the things which make Blades unique - flashbacks, resistance rolls, position/effect, etc - and make sure that they come up as often as possible. At first there’ll be confusion, but everyone will get it after a few times. And encourage the players to be involved as much as possible rather than always deferring to the DM. They might have better interpretations of rules, or can offer a new perspective on a tricky situation. That’s what I try to do and it (mostly) works so far.

Go on the BitD Reddit and search fr “first-time GM” or “Next GM”. You will get dozens of answers and comments.

Then it will be easier to ask specific questions and advice.

Use the players kit. It’s much easier to find most things than the full book. The last few pages, especially the one on consequences for various positions, are worth printing.

I feel like giving a good pitch of the game, including it’s feedback loop, it’s very important and it’s something often forgot. Yes, blades is about building a gang and doing heists, but saying that only conveys part of what the game is trying to emulate. Make sure to explain how the game is always trying to cut to the action and create dramatic pulls. How Blades is all about jumping into danger without a plan and dealing with the unintended consequences of that. How there is a build in circular sctructure of Finding a target > Doing the Job > Gaining/Spending Money > Finding Another Target and so on.

Besides that, I think all you need a little pacience to get the ball rolling with all the different mechanics the system introduces, I feel like 3~6 sessions is the usual time people start to understand how the game works and really embrace the chaos.