Agents in Emerald FitD hack

Agents in Emerald is a Forged in the Dark hack, that lets you play as your favourite urban fantasy heroes like Hellboy, or Buffy. It’s a game of horror, action and mystery, in a modern world not so different from our very own. Darkness looms, and only you, and your group of Agents have what it takes to stop it before all is lost.

Agents show cases a thriller with high action, drama and investigative elements. The characters are fighting back against an ever encroaching Darkness. Racing against time to unravel the mystery before its too late. The game was made with the intent to support both magic style settings like Call of Cthulhu or Supernatural, and also more sci-fi inspiried ones like Control, MiB ,X-files or Xcom.

It is a game in progress, and a hobby project that helped to keep me sane during the first months of isolation. Most of the core game is done. But it woefully lacks in other areas. Nonetheless I hope some people out there are going to enjoy it and have a blast.

Some new things are bound to come later, as I have the time for it. Like a more fleshed out item section for each playbook. (Each only has 2 items right now, as a functional base minimum). Some different Network options for each Crew type. And a Rookie playbook.

But for the foreseeable future. The development of this game is done. Enjoy. If you have any questions, or feedback, i would love to read it.

You can find the documents for the game here