Agon: A masterpiece of game design

This game is so original, and such a welcome departure from standard tabletop RPG fare.

At first, the idea of a single roll to determine the outcome of an entire battle sounded overly simplistic to me, and seemed limiting. The more I read and thought about it, the more I began to see how liberating these rules actually are. The player decides how their outcome will look, allowing for nearly unlimited story. No more choosing a weapon for your character simply based on the die of damage; weapon choice is rooted in the way the character is perceived by the player. Weapon stats don’t exist, because it is the player that wins contests, not their weapon. This allows for character creation to be engaged with in a far more artistic way than a typical tabletop RPG.

As a history teacher who has spent summers in Greece with my Spartan wife and her family, the “Greekness” of the game is spot-on - not just in it’s mythology, but in it’s epic storytelling spirit. In Agon your deeds matter, becoming a part of the character. Your name matters. Your ancestors matter. In the Peloponnese, when a Greek is introduced to someone new, they often ask “Who are your people?” Your family matters to them, and the mechanics of the game capture this kind of thing.

Just some musings from a long time tabletop player who is fascinated with the scope of this game, and the possibilities that it offers.


Hi Uuain, thank you so much for the kind words. I’m really delighted to hear the game resonates with you so much. We loved making AGON and it is so wonderful to hear folks enjoying it!


One aspect of this game I really enjoy is the way the Strife Player functions. I have been trying to get one player in our group to try GMing for a long time. They finally decided to try being the Strife Player last session. It went really well and they are going to continue being the Strife Player!

I think Agon is a great game to have first time GMs cross over from being a character player to the Strife Player. In fact, if there are GMs out there that want to encourage players in their group to start GMing, Agon is the gateway I would recommend using.


Thanks for all the kind words! I’m also really happy to hear them.

And it’s great to hear about your new GM / Strife Player! That was definitely a goal for the design.

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While we’re heaping on praise I’d like to add that I really appreciate the presentation of the islands. The standardised layout and concise information make running them with no prep very manageable.

The island layout would be useful as a general framework for presenting adventure locations in any setting/system.