Agon Kickstarter is Live!

Agon is a game about legendary heroes battling strife in a mythic world. By me and Sean Nittner.

Check it out!


That’s how I discovered your work, a few years ago, with the first edition of this game.

Excellent job and good luck !


Well darn, I was hoping to take a break from spending money!

Damn! I want in, but I also do not want to support Kickstarter and their union-busting practices. Maybe I can wait for the final release and hope the stretch goals are reached.

The Kickstarter union organizers aren’t asking for a boycott at this time. Obviously vote with your conscience, but Evil Hat has decided to go along with the Kickstarter based on that and a few other things. You can read about it here:

Thank you for your thoughtful response. KS has stated they would not recognize any unionisation at all ( ), even if a majority of the workers decide to vote for it, and since Evil Hat’s response lists that case as one of the grounds to stop collaboration, I’ll wait for now and see how things develop. It pains me quite a bit, but I’ve lived through similar situations and it’s a PITA for everybody involved.

In any case, I don’t mean to derail the thread. I’m eagerly expecting the new Agon and will buy it (KS or not) as soon as it is available!