Agon KS Preview Feedback

(John Harper) #1

If you’re playing the preview pdf of Agon (provided for kickstarter backers) you can leave feedback and ask questions here.

(Michael Docherty) #2

Are you able to give more detail on changes in mechanics from the old version? I’m always reluctant to back a game when I don’t know how it plays.

(John Harper) #3

Every element has been changed., though the general concepts are still there (like increasing dice sizes for traits, competition for Glory, a heroic lifespan measured by Fate).

There are four Domains for conflicts (Arts & Oration, Blood & Valor, Craft & Reason, Resolve & Spirit) rather than the 16 abilities from 1e.

Divine Favor is more closely tied to the aspects of the various gods, rather than a general pool to draw from.

The Strife Player doesn’t have a budget. It’s no longer competitive between the players and GM – just among the heroes, competing for the most Glory.

The resolution system is streamlined, but has familiar components from 1e (advantage dice, helping, harmful outcomes).

Battles are much simpler. They’re now a short series of linked contests, focusing on what the heroes care about the most, rather than a tactical mini-game. Agon veterans sometimes bemoan the loss of the old battle system, but are surprised by how much they like the new version.

Overall, everything is more straightforward. We redesigned every part so it’s easier to learn and less intimidating for new gamers. The pace of play is very high – you can run an island in 2-3 hours easily.