AGON now available!

Seize your glory!

AGON (2nd edition) is now available on my new storefront site.

AGON is a fast-paced, easy to learn, action rpg about mighty heroes in the ancient world. Tell the tales of their epic adventures to secure immortality in legend.


Are there very nice Roll20 sheets for this? :smile:




I guess it is extremely late to join even as late backer, so how I can buy this and get it shipped to UK?

There will be a POD version available for shipment to the UK, once the printer is up and running after the quarantine.

You can pre-order the hardcover now on Backerkit, but that batch is only shipping to US addresses.

Will the POD for UK have the same quality? I have address in US but the taxes to bring it in Europe is unreasonable for me.

POD won’t have the same quality. If you’ve seen other DriveThru POD books, it will be like those.

This complicates things. I don’t like the PODs much. I don’t think I will ever find someone to play with, but I am really intrigued by the production quality and images I have seen on the KS page. I have to figure out a way for this… :frowning:

You can still go with the PDF! It’s very pretty

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Yeah, I bought the PDF because I had an old copy of the French translation of Agon 1st edition (never played, unfortunately). This PDF is gorgeous, the art is incredible. Well done!

… and now, I have to replenish my old collection of d4 to d12 that has been sitting unused for years now, and slowly dwindling due to entropy. Thanks JH :slight_smile:


I have made for my personal use (and I hope of my future players) a French version of the character sheet, as well as an “empty” character sheet (with all English words deleted), so that people speaking other languages can easily do their own translation.

Would it be against the rules of the forum or of the publisher(s) to post those sheets, or to make them available to people who would like to have them for their personal use ?

Go ahead and share your sheets! Thank you for making them.
If you put links here, I can share them, too.

Thanks JH.
And here they are !

They are 300x300 dpi jpegs so should print quite well.
Fo those who are interested, I’m not a graphic artist and I made these things with free software: Gimp and Scribus. The colours are a bit off from the original because I just don’t know how to deal properly with colours.

I made the French one a vertical one for two reasons:

  • Because I personally prefer it…
  • And because the paper format we use in Europe (DIN a4) is not exactly the same as the American format you use: it’s higher (longer) but narrower. So in a horizontal mode, also with the fact that French tends to have longer sentences than English, I couldn’t put all the text from the “recite your deeds” except by using a very small font size, and also there was a lot of space lost in the margins.

Pour les éventuels lecteurs français, quelques choix de traduction, qui n’ont évidemment pas l’ambition d’être canoniques :

  • “Deeds” : prouesses
  • “Great deeds” : exploits
  • “Bolster” : soutenir, mais “Support” : aider. Le raisonnement ici est que le “Support” est volontaire, tandis que le “Bolster” est quelque chose qui est demandĂ© par la personne soutenue en Ă©change de la dĂ©pense d’un Lien. Il me semble que “aider” rend mieux l’aspect proactif, volontaire.
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And the second one…

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I watched the two series review of this edition of Agon by Adam Koebel and the guy again managed to inspire me and urge to get the product. Can’t believe how easy I am sometimes, first Mork Borg now this.

I got the hardcover and I don’t care for the import fee anymore. The book layout is very elegant, stylish and immediately puts me in the right mood. I didn’t believe I will ever have inspiration to run games related to the Greek mythology, but here I am.

I have two questions on the digital product:

  1. There are no bookmarks in the file, I presume this is not the last update of it? version I got is 03242020
  2. If there is update, since I got it from Backerkit, how will I get notification?

Thanks for getting the game!

  1. An InDesign update has made PDF exporting really buggy. I’ll provide a new file with bookmarks as soon as I can. I might have to add them manually in Acrobat…

  2. I think Backerkit notifies when a new file goes up? I can’t quite remember. But I’ll post a message here when I do it.

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Ok, I made PDFs with bookmarks. They’re uploading to the Backerkit archive now.
(also updated the files on itch)

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Thank you! Looks perfect now :slight_smile:

PS: FYI there is no email update when file is added to the digital download of the BackerKit.

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The Agon Zoom Backgrounds provided in the last KS update are amazing! I can use those in so many ways in the VTT platforms I use. Thanks!