Agon Roll20 Compendium / Mythic Bundle

Is the Agon Roll20 Compendium still on track?
And does anyone know where the Roll20 Mythic Bundle disappear too?
Will the Compendium contain all the trials from the main book (as I would pay money to avoid retyping those all into Roll20)?

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Not sure if this is what you’re looking for …

No, as the islands-of-agon are part of the bundle ‘Agon-Mythic-bundle’’ [if roll20 is up], so I wonder where the bundle went. (and when I read the islands-of-agon description it looks it does not contain the island threats (which is what I desire most, because I strongly dislike typing those all in).

The compendium hasn’t been launched yet. It will be available next week. See Evil Hat’s and Sean Nittner’s tweets about it.


Its out! Time to start a game…