Agon Rules Question: Glory reset

Now that Agon has shipped and is in the wild I’m sure there will be some rules questions.

On the Glory track on your hero sheet, there are special markers for certain Glory amounts (at 80, 120, and 240). When you hit a marker, you advance your Name die to the indicated level (d8, d10, d12), then reset your Glory back to zero.

To clarify, when Glory hits 80, it resets to 0 and 120 must be earned for the next advancement, bringing to sum total to 80+120=200 Glory overall?

Yep, that’s right.

(btw, I moved this to the AGON sub-forum and added a detail to the subject line)

Thanks. I didn’t realize there was a sub forum, that’s my fault. I should have looked. I was just linked to the off-topic forum.

No worries!