Aldermani Heritages?

Who has created Aldermani Heritage traits?

This has come up in our game as our Marshal has been furiously creating Aldermani characters because she likes them. We’ve thus far been using the special snowflake rule for it (2 free dots wherever you want), but from a role-play/narrative perspective this is unsatisfying. Here are some ideas I’ve come up with. I’d love to hear others!

Equestrian: You are potent when you Shoot or Skirmish from horseback.
Distrustful: When you resist with Resolve, take 2 less Stress.
Good Eye: Mark an additional rank of Shoot or Rig, up to a maximum of 2.
Independent: Gain 1xp when you take on a higher Threat opponent without help.
Proud: You are the best. You just are.

I know that’s five. I just liked Proud. My wife thought it was funny. No mechanical benefit or influence, just: you’re the best. That’s all.

The marshal in the game I’m running has been creating Aldermani characters using the traits in the back of the book, but I’m not sure any have actually been run as PCs just yet.

See page 434!

Excuse me while I facepalm hard. My brain kept saying “I know I’ve seen Aldermani heritages somewhere…” but I never looked in that section so I figured they were a “to be revealed in the next campaign” piece.

For what it’s worth I think your traits were neat! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Stras!