Ammo and how to use it

Hey everyone-

After several read-throughs of the book I am unsure how ammo supply is tracked. Are we supposed to check it every time we take an associated action? Or is it more like, say, Dungeon World where it’s abstracted and spending ammo is a consequence that can be laid down by the GM (or, I suppose, both)?

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A bit of both. Ammo is abstract, each circle can mean anything from a single shot to a volley of fire running several seconds. We spend it for relevant actions when shooting, as a consequence (uh, your ammo gets wet, lose half of it), or more commonly, to make bombs. Yeah, players being players…

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I guess what I’m looking for is “Is checking an ammo dot a requirement to fictionally use the Shoot skill?”

I’m very comfortable using depleting it as a potential consequence, I’m just not clear on like, do you HAVE to mark it whenever you shoot?

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The skill description doesn’t require it, and as with everything FitD, follow the fiction. Then again, a single shoot roll may cover for several happenings, all with just the one ammo box you ticked at first. It’s a way for you to gauge the difficulty of an encounter. Planning and managing equipment is part of the challenge in BoB, so don’t shy away from it. In my games, players rarely run out of ammo, but I tend to use the same roll result for covering most of the combat, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

Hey Jim!

Check it when you shoot (obvs not if you have a spear or something).

As zanchito mentions it’s not used to count “each bullet”, just uses in general or as consequences.

It’s more relevant for Black Shot than anything.