An Embarrassment of Riches

I love heist plots, and recently I’ve been noticing an uptick in a version of this genre where the main characters get the loot that they were after and are then offered (and usually take) waaay more than they originally planned for. It’s there, why not take it? The plot then becomes all the moral compromises and threats that come the party’s way, which keep taking more and more from them until there’s nothing left or they’re left with what they planned for or nothing at all.

Bad Times at the El Royal and Triple Frontier are pretty good examples of this. I once played in a game where our party got a stack of paydata off a corporate server that was worth faaar more than we’d been led to believe, and all manner of hell rained down on us until we got it off our hands, and even after that.

What are other cool ideas for “more than we bargained for” scores?

Also, we may or may not have already talked about this elsewhere. I can’t remember, so if we have, then let me know, Mods :slight_smile:

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