An Improvised starting mission

I had this one player in my group who already done two of the starting missions with me, so I’ve went off script and did my own starting mission:

the squad that was left to blow the Hozelbrucke bridge have failed and they are all hexed (except for there two specialists which are MIA for now) yet nobody in camp is yet aware of that.

They return to the Legion’s camp - one poision’s dinner, one stubs the mercy, one planted the bridge’s alchemical bomb in the black-shoot storage shed and two will later be on a guard tower shooting everybody.

The player-specialists are spread around the camp and slowly discover what’s going on as one event follows the other and the mystery clock for the bomb ticks away.

Nice. This sounds rad. :slight_smile: Do you happen to have a full writeup with rewards/etc?

I think some sweet missions/special-missions are probably a great thing to share with folks. Can help keep things mixed up and interesting.

I was busy with work and only come on roll20 at the last minute so I didn’t actually write anything…I don’t think there was a penalty/reward, does starting mission has those?

In terms of what happened:

The unit tasked to blow the bridge were the Silver Stags with a medic and a scout.

It started with the Orite officer arriving to eat dinner and responding to a commotion in the kitchen tent, apparently the Legion’s cook got upset that soldiers were coming up to his kitchen and taking seconds and disturbing his pots - he had locked one such solider in the kitchen closest and wanted to officer to sort things out.

the first hex solider is locked closest and has already poisoned dinner - as the officer start to talk to her; one by one legionnaires around the dinner table fall unconscious with blood hemorrhaging out of all pores;

The officer send a solider to the medical tent and flashback were he keeps a poison antidote in the kitchen’s icebox.

The sniper is headed to medical tent (for a personal medical issue he wants to discuss with the Mercy) skips a line of rookies that complain that another rookie is inside for too long now. he doesn’t find the Mercy but find one of the hex soldiers with his One Eye is noticed and (Research roll) identify the hex at the back of the solider’s neck and takes down the solider with the back of his rifle another rookie tries to stop him and as the sniper is wrestled to the ground he sees the Mercy laying stubbed in the corner with a Silver Stags dagger (still alive).

The heavy is on “sergeant of the guard” duty, doing his rounds around the camp:
find a hex solider near the storage shed, the solider point a gun at him, the heavy talks him down - then solider points the gun at himself, they wrestled for the gun, the hex solider is wounded and subdued.

The officer, heavy and sniper now join together with a squad of rookies to search the camp for the remaining two Silver Stags (officer leads a group action) one of the rookies get shoot from the guard tower; the sniper takes one of the muskets in the tower with an aimed shoot, the officer get wounded while he draw there attention to himself while the heavy climbs the tower and subside the last two hex soldiers.

The squad of rookies searching the camp finds the alchemical bomb in the Black Shot storage, the heavy and the sniper tries to disable it - figure that it’s too late and the sniper rush the bomb out of the camp while losing his Panyar facial fur in the explosion.