Analyst, a duskwall playbook

The Analyst is a playbook i made and submitted to the Unusual Suspects Playbook Jam. the Analyst is the scoundrel who deals with the crew’s paperwork. that may not sound exciting, but think of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad. lawyer, bookkeeper, there is some great potential. I think this fills a useful niche that the 7 core playbooks dont.

Analyst on

Analyst: An accountant, examiner, or lawyer.

Duskwall may live on its vast underworld, but this is no haphazard frontier. There are records to keep, reports to file, money to launder, investment information to conceal, commerce to obfuscate; Analysts are the silent agents behind the success of every business, legitimate or otherwise.

When you play an Analyst, you earn xp when you address a challenge with book-work or academic expertise.

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I love the idea of an analyst and the character would definitely come in handy in many situations. What’s not quite clear to me is what the Analyst does during scores. His abilities seem to be useful mostly outside of scores, aren’t they? Perhaps you could add some pointers for players in the introductory text so they have some ideas of what they might do when things get really serious (e.g. combat, action scenes).

yes, half of the abilities are distinctly outside-score things. the other half i consider to be the part of the score where information is gathered and exchanged. and certain types of deception in scores.
for comparison, slide and spider deal with people from two different angles, and have little to particularly recommend them in combat. and most of a leech’s work is before engagement. granted, there are different play styles with more meat in the cerebral parts or more in the combat, which is not to denigrate the latter.
I will consider what use to suggest for the analyst in various situations.