Animated background on Roll20 for Blades and Band don't work anymore

I left Roll20 a year ago for Foundry VTT since I was mostly playing D&D. I finally managed to get a group together to play Blades in the Dark and the character sheet is just so much better on Roll20 so I’m back there.

I remember distinctly the background of the rolls were animated. Thought it was odd that it didn’t work anymore. So I did some digging and apparently it’s a known issue since April 2020 (more than a year ago). I’m not aware of any other character sheet on Roll20 has the same issue so I can’t pin-point it, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I can share any random GIF in the chat using markdown and it works, but if I share the Github asset URL it doesn’t work. Something is up either on Roll20’s side or with both Blades and Band of Blades’ character sheets.

Has anyone noticed a similar issue on other Roll20 character sheets? An official signal boost might get Roll20’s attention too.