Anti-Heroes: Supers, Forged in the Dark

Hi all-
I just wanted to let you know that my newest Forged in the Dark game is now on Kickstarter. It is part of Zine Quest 2, so it is only a 2 week campaign.

Anti-Heroes is a game about super-powered people trying to make their way in the world. They might be villains, vigilantes, cons, or even real heroes. The game is inspired by comics like Suicide Squad, the Punisher, The Watchmen and The Boys.

Check it out!

The complete version of Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark is also available here:

Hi all-
I am in the last two days of my ZineQuest 2 Kickstarter campaign for Anti-Heroes: Supers, Forged in the Dark. This is a rules light hack of Blades in the Dark that allows you to play gritty anti-heroes. We are way past the first stretch goal and closing in on the second. Each stretch goal provides a “reskin” for a completely different play experience.
You can take a look here:

I also am asking for submissions for names of cities, streets, superheroes, landmarks, villains, macguffins, etc. that are appropriate for a “dark” supers setting. You don’t have to back to submit. I’ll be adding in as many of the submissions as I can.