Any FitD that don't use currency (coin, credits, hellstone)?

Are there any games that don’t use such a system? Children of Midnight is more or less post-scarcity as far as the PCs are concerned.

I’m trying to get a handle on how that plays out (or doesn’t) in other FitD games. Thanks!

Deathwish doesn’t, but it also doesn’t use Downtime, so that may not be too useful!

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Depending on what you perceive as “currency,” Band of Blades does not use currency. Rather, your post-mission rewards come in the form of Assets, Intel, “Supply” (which works like Coin/Cred/Etc. For the purpose of “Downtime”- AKA “Campaign Actions- and the like), and sometimes the removal of Time Penalties

So if you’re dealing with Post-Scarcity, the concept of “Supply” might be a valid reward to earn and spend if your game includes a mechanic similar to Downtime Actions that require the fictional positioning of some sort of “currency.”

Alternatively, “Time” itself can be a “currency.” The more Time you have- the more stuff you can do. Time may be limited depending on penalties from previous jobs. IIRC, Copperhead County and the Citizens Crew/ Playset from the Unusual Suspects Playbook Jam both use some kind of “Time” mechanic as it relates to earning Heat/ doing Downtime. Might be worth a look.

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Thanks. I think you hit the nail on the head… I was forgetting that Downtime actions themselves are a type of currency, and the way I use Reputation kindof gives your downtime actions their own Tier rating.

In Children of Midnight you have Heat (Fate) and an extra set of entanglements (from the fae) to deal with and much of the time characters will want to use their downtime actions to refill Stress (Willpower) and their Essence, too.

Laying it all out like that makes me think they need to gain more Willpower and Essence when simply going into downtime! Sheesh, that’s a lot to manage.

Minutes to Midnight uses influence I think.

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The Pack doesn’t have currency but it does use a sort of barter system. Basically if you encounter an item you want, you roll to see if you’re able to incorporate it into your load out by imbuing it with your Will.

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In Vergence, the PCs have the power to go to any universe they can imagine. Since they could imagine a world with a big pile of any kind of money ready to be picked up, money is not really meaningful for PCs. There is no currency mechanic.


CBR+PNK (intended for one-shots) and Deathwish also don’t use COIN.