Asphalt & Trouble: Bikerpunk during the apocalypse

Hi everyone! You might have seen me around on the discord, or heard me on the Hacked in the Dark podcast. I recently put out a new version of my Forged in the Dark game, Asphalt & Trouble, which you can find here:

“You are a biker gang, riding the open road and fighting to survive the corporate-fueled climate apocalypse. Ride out against rival gangs. Challenge the corporations and their abuses. Make connections with the frontier townsfolk. Customize your bike - or yourself.”

The game is almost text-complete, with just a few added notes and some updates from recent playtest feedback to be added, then of course layout, etc.

If you would like to hear more, you can listen my interview on the Hacked in the Dark podcast about the game: (Or wherever you listen to podcasts)

You can also join my discord to chat about the game and offer feedback!

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