Asrikan Temple: Images and Lore Bits?

'ello all!

My lovely Legionnaires, after an astonishing bridge collapse, are seeking to put their primary focus on The Chapel of Waters. With Shreya as their Chosen, and Breaker on their heels… they are very interested in the past and lore of this place.

After some real world research on a few inspirational faiths, a bit of game research (love the speculation thread), and some general imagination, I feel backed into a corner. I have NO idea what to expect in there.

Mechanically I see a lot of options; I can even put bonus Mercy in there, a slew of burned, hexed previous worshippers, weirdly the goals are easy. the set dressing and the world lore, well, is evading me at the moment.

Any ideas fellow Lorekeepers? Much appreciated!!

I created these maps for my adventure. I tried to use real-world information to inform what was in her temple. She has a spring of miraculous sterile water. The temple has a greenhouse of medicinal herbs in it. Take a look.

Also thanks for plugging my speculation thread :slight_smile:

That thread has given me 101 directions in the world; I really loveehow all the players are able to construct their world, but I do want to remain consistent with some of the lore. It is the best collection of ideas, thoughts, and speculation (obviously)! It sparks some grand ideas!

Thank you for posting the maps; that is a grand start. :smile:

If your players are confident enough… and you have a Bartan character… and even better, a Pious Bartan Character… Then you can ask questions to the players about Asrika and what is the characteristics of her Cult and Church…

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During our campaign Legion also visited a shrine of Shreya while in Plainsworth. I wanted to focus more on the “mercy” and “cold, calculating startegist” aspects of Shreya, so I went with this:

What Shreya did tell
In the mountains on the east there is a glacier. Centuries ago Shreya’s shrine was build on this glacier and a spring of magical water. Shreya can still feel the water potency in the town’s wells, but somehow diminished and corrupted. Unblocking the spring will definitely help to slow down an weaken the undead.

What Legion knows about the region:
Plainsworth is relatively new town, growing rapidly due to the perfect localization on trade routes. It is kinda weird no one settled here earlier. There are however, multiple thing of shrines and sanatoriums all over the hills to the east

What Shreya did NOT tell:
The magical spring is indeed magical - but not healing. It relieves of pain, puts you to sleep and lets you die in peace. The ruins are of hospices, not hospitals and sanatoriums. That is the reason the riverbed was never settled. Shreya wants Legion to unblock the spring, so that the water puts all people in Plainsworth to ‘eternal sleep’ which, due to magical properties of the water, will prevent Broken to reanimate as dead. Basically this is a scorched earth tactics.

Suffice to say - my players were a “bit” surprised when all was revealed and the Legion-Shreya dybamics got waaay more interesting :slight_smile:

ps. The spring was blocked by corrupted tendrils coming from the empire’s sending stone located in the shrine’s main “sacred pool”


Ahhh, brutal and very fitting. I like the tone here. Very clever.