Assess Heat Before Incarceration or Vice Versa

The crew I play with just finished a score with one of the crew going to Ironhook. Would I assess heat in downtime after reducing their Wanted Level by one and clearing their stress track to zero? Or would I assess their heat and then reduce Wanted Level by one and wipe the stress track?

I do not see an order of operations in the rulebook on this. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

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I would say it depends on the narrative. How did the scoundrel end up getting nabbed and shipped to Ironhook? Heat, to my mind, is usually part of the Score, not the Downtime (barring Entanglements), so if the scoundrel, say, got shot and nabbed by the Bluecloaks while the rest made their escape, I would decrease the Wanted level, then apply the Heat. But if they made a clean escape, and then one of them decided to take one for the team and clear the rest of the crew of suspicion, I’d do it the other way around.


I’ll take all this under advisement.


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