Astral Tabletop Campaing Setup

Hi all! Just wanted to share pics of my babies with the community, you know how proud fathers are :smiley:

Recently I’ve started to work in a port of BoB to Astral Tabletop since I prefer to play there, it feels more immersive like I’m around the table with the old gang, instead of in a web site running IE in the nineties…

I’ve finished the character sheets and now I’m almost done with the main map, so I wanted to share with you:

The ashen paper and the burning effect are controlled procedurally (I’m using Blender 3D to create the scene), so it’s not realistic, but it’s easy to control the direction. Maybe in the end I’ll try just to create masks in photoshop and call it a day, but right now I’m pretty excited to experiment with this.

Later I’ll post some pics of the actions and how the sheets are working in Astral Tabletop, I still have to find a good solution for the clocks, unfortunately there is not a easy way to do them like in Roll20.

Tell me what you think, make suggestions and critics, I’m planning to release the templates as a community creation, so if @stras and the publishers agree everyone can have access to them.

Have a great day everyone!


More images, with comments:

Marking the check-boxes on the advancements section add up the XP variable to help with the distribution later:

Automatic rolls, just click in the die icon:

Commander sheet, with map (rotated) and markers:


For the GM:

Choosen and Broken sheets:

GM role tables:

That’s it!

All character sheets are done. Map is done too, added some more effects to the charred lands as a final touch. Next month our Legion desperate retreat to Skydagger Keep begans, so wish us luck!


Nice. Whenever one of these VTTs make clocks and character sheets easy I’m ready to switch :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve struggle a bit to find a solution and the best one was to put the “empty clock” in the map level and activate the lock on it. After that I just use the paint tool to fill in the spaces when needed. You can even use the effects brush to add drama:

Low quality gif for size reasons:

The only issue is that Astral does not have an eraser tool, just a brush one, so when you want to delete you lose all your strokes. What you can do is log with a second account and use the char as a “Clockmaker” (I’ve even made the char invisible AND remove it from the map). When you delete his brush strokes all others are preserved. Not the best solution, but easy to live with…

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Baddies and their minions:

I’ve made token variations for all minions, so it’s not too repetitve along the way. They all have their own character sheet too, just in case:

Ticking one of the clocks make it the default health bar value (look at the top left), for that particular char, so it’s easy to adapt to any scenario.

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I use the same guy for Heartless :slight_smile:

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cool, haha! I’ve used the same one that you use for Thorn as a Hound in one variation.

Just finished the Chosen:

Oow, I was also just watching tutorial how to do procedural fire map in Blender for exact same purpoae. Would you be willing to share blender file?

No problem at all, the only thing is that the file is my main machine and the damn thing resolved not to boot this morning. So I`m just seeing if I can make it work or if it will be accelerated 9.8m/s2 through the window…

Anyway as soon as I`m back I can share the file

Here is the file. I could not open it (it was the graphics card that died…) but I was able to zip the files and back it up on GDrive:

All files utilized are inside the folder, but there is a possibility of missing images due to the folders path. Just look at the names and reload the ones in the zip files…

I was making some iterations with the lighting and adding some extra models, so it’s not finished but it’s almost :slight_smile: Good luck and post your results later, I’m curious to see what other people can do with this.

The map effect looks awesome. Always wanted to check Blender, maybe this is the killer feature I was looking for. Thanks for the inspiration!

Link for tokens (webp format)

Thank you so much!
These tokens are beautiful and I will definitely use them.
The “burning” of Cinder Kings advance will definitely be a cool thing on the VTT.
My graphic software skills are limited to gimp though, and initial testing with blender didn’t produce very good results.
If anyone has jpg/png versions of “burned map” at different stages of the legions advance would appreciate them.