Astral Tabletop port + Mission Penalty questions

Hi all,

I’ve discovered this game recently and really love everything about it.

So much that I’m finishing a Astral Tabletop port of it (I prefer to play there than in Roll20, better user interface / overall experience, IMHO). All things good, but I’ve stumble with this part in the GM Role sheet:


Just to be sure: It’s a typo in the penalties column, it should be positive Pressure values (4,5,6) or it’s correct like that? I can completely understand if the Pressure over the Legion decreases even if a Assault Mission fails, something like “even with our losses we manage to loosen up a bit”.

But I would like to be sure…

Yes, these are typos. They should all be +1 Pressure. IIRC, there are a few other similar mistakes in the charts: the +1 Morale under Religious and Supply mission penalties are also typos. The charts in the book itself are correct, however.

Thanks! @greyorm! I’ll adjust the rolls and tables in the Astral port correctly.

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