Balancing out Actions

I’m starting to try and fit a setting I’d long had kicking around my head to the FitD system. Biggest thing that trips me up right now is what actions to use; the setting is something of a blend between Indiana Jones meets Men in Black meets X-Men, so conspiracies and secret agents, superpowers, gadgets and tech, and ancient mystery.

I’m torn because I very much like the idea of having an Engineer skill as well as a Hack skill, Engineer being made for deliberate but slow building and modifying, and Hack being for quick and dirty creation and modification. This ultimately lumps some five skills into Insight, and leaves Prowess with three. I’d put Hunt into prowess, but it doesn’t quite fit.

Anyone have any thoughts? Is splitting tinker into two categories perhaps a bit overkill?

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I’d probably keep these as one action. Deliberate and slow building/modding would just be a long term project done during downtime, while quick and dirty building/modding would be done on the job, with quickness or dirtiness being represented with Position and Effect (perhaps some Devil’s Bargains as well). Special abilities could be used to give bonuses or perks to using the build/mod action in certain situations (like, using special armor to resist a Consequence from quick and dirty hacking, or +1 effect when building/modding as a long term project).

The Adrenaline near future hack might give you some ideas. It has an Engineer action to do building/modding: