Band of Blades in preorder

So after fits and starts, our campaign of Band of Blades finally concluded last night. And with perfect timing, the preorder gets posted up the next morning. Can’t wait to pore over the changes and see what’s what, but I’ve already noticed a few changes… Shreya, Chosen of Asrika! Intrigued!


the game is looking great, definitely one of those games where i’m keeping myself from reading the whole thing, becase i know i’m definitely gonna have to run one of these…

Funny story that.

We had to make -a- chosen for our first playtest. So Alanna became a thing. It was after that slammed together alpha that we were like “ok this seems to be working” and also had discussions about which Chosen were from where and we figured out Alanna was Bartan.

So the game is in dev. There’s always something new to do. Something to fix, tweak or update. Eventually we were getting ready to wrap everything up and a friend of ours was like: WTF is up with “Alanna”. That’s pretty clearly not a Bartan name.

We were like ‘O rite…’ we had never gone back and updated Alanna to match all the naming formats and lore. She was just Alanna in our head because that’s what we had called her from the start.

So we asked our friend to help us out, and she passed us some great suggestions that made it into the book! :slight_smile:

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No, we still don’t have an Orite chosen, I checked :wink:

Yeah, after I read a bit more I realized that Shreya and Asrika were the renamed Alanna and Ostarra. And I immediately grokked why you did it, it’s just that I’d gotten used to the old names. I also saw there was a bit more changes where Viktor became Viktoria, Walker became Elia and Kara-amina became Vazara. Ironically, every one of those guys were at least mentioned in my game so I am very much in an alternate dimension where one of the squads was the Cloud Hawks (who were never onscreen, but you know).


  1. Check the thanks page since you have the updated pdf. ^_~ That’s all.
  2. You can now be one of the storied few who didn’t just run the game they FINISHED IT (I never heard how it went overall) and you have those awesome stories of “back when there were CLOUD HAWKS” :smiley:

It’s part of the game design process. We have readers who ask “wait why is this name not using the same phonetic structure as the rest of Barta?” just stuff we have to clean up. :slight_smile: I’m somewhat sad that it makes sharing certain stories harder … but it’s a badge of pride to have been one of the first imo. For what it’s worth even I still slip up on Shreya.

I hope you forgive us (haha).

  1. Still chuckling about that Orite joke… :smiley:


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I definitely plan on finishing the write up. We just finished up last Thursday and I have been crazy busy this month, otherwise I would have been further ahead.

I hadn’t looked through the updated rulebook yet. That’s very cool and thanks!

Huzzah! :slight_smile: Glad to hear. The Book of Calonya has many fans (including me!)


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