Band of Blades- Medic Kit and Tonics Question

Hey all, my table and I have been mulling about with the rules for the Medic Kit and we aren’t quite sure if we are getting the verbiage correct and the procedure for using the Kit.

Antiseptic, slings, sutures, poultices, gauze, bandages,
draughts, sterile compresses, and medicines. You may spend uses as special
armor against disease and wound complications. Provides three uses.

So how precisely does this work? If I am the medic, and I take the time in the fiction to utilize this kit and mark a use, does this mean the person upon whom the kit was used marks off their special armor and uses it as a form of resistance to decrease a rank of Harm?

Thus a Soldier with a Level 2 Harm “Burned Torso” could mark their Special Armor and therefore reduce to Level 1 Harm “Singed Torso”?

Or is the use of this kit a more “permanent” variant of the Doctor Specialist Ability? As such, I use the kit, they expend their special armor and then the harm remains, but they ignore of the penalties of “need help, -1d, and reduced effect”? Unlike a Doctor use, the Medic Kit lasts longer than a scene?

In either scenario, is a Fortune Roll a potential protocol on the table to determine its effectiveness, much like it can be with a Doctor use?

Does the Fine quality essentially just describe its greater leverage of fictional positioning as to the kinds of wounds it can deal with? I would imagine if Fortune Rolls are potential protocol to follow, the Fine Quality would have to be taken into effect as far as the dice pool is concerned.

The same question applies to Tonics, aside from the First Aid Special Ability, under what circumstances does Tonics apply for fictional positioning?

Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated!


Hi Sully
My answers will not be canon, since the only right answer here would be “When it’s not detailed, then it’s up to your table” ; we could have an useful acronym here: UPYT.
So. For the medic Kit: ir does not treat wounds, but “wound complications” (please note the singular for “wound”). Harm penalties are, according to me, Indeed wound complications. But, contrary to a Doctor use, you don’t ignore ALL harm penalties: you just reduce the penaltie inflicted by ONE wound, by ONE level. And yes, it lasts, not for a scene.
For this you don’t need Fortune roll. Just check Special armor. Same for the use of the medical kit againt the complications of a disease.

Now. Apart from their mechanical, direct effect, Medic kit and Tonics can indeed be used to add +1d to a Fortune roll for treating diseases etc, Wounds, injuries etc, in the fiction. That’s especially, but maybe not only, when you want to treat a NPC. There’s an example on page 44.