Band of Blades Miniatures

Just wondering if there are any good miniatures out there (especially 3D printable ones (STL)) for Band of Blades?

Partheniad on the BitD discord advised to use this:

It’s not 3D but it looked fine, based on the screenshots he shared:

I must admit that’s indeed great for Roll20 (BoB just become my top ever Roll20 try-out), but till I have my digital gaming table ready, I still prefer the physical world… [I might be biased due my 3D printer]

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It really depends on the look & feel you are after. I’m not sure why, but BoB invokes the look of Artesia (the comic) in my head; so the minis I’d look are the late middle ages. Early gunpowder, polearms, plenty of armour… This is a good list for non printalbe ones that might get you there alternative minis for Warhammer’s Empire.

Warhammer Empire for the Legion is actually not a bad suggestion…
Any suggestion for the bad guys?

That’s a wide net :slight_smile:

For Crows just google and pick pretty plague masked miniatures.
Rotters look for pretty zombies.
Hexed and Shadow witches just regular folk, villagers and the like.

Look around the Lead Adventure forums for inspiration?

Quite a few nice choices on Warmonger Miniatures.