Band of Blades on Actual Play

For those of you interested I’m running a Band of Blades game on Actual Play ( Thursday nights around 6pm PST.

All eps should be up eventually on youtube (

It might be a decent resource for seeing the game in action if you have questions. Hope to see folks there! :slight_smile:



I really look forward to this!

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Really good stuff. Cannot wait to watch the end, got half way through. I love the what do you leave behind in the court yard scene with the medic and the scout. I could feel the tension right before these two were gonna book it across the courtyard.
Everyone should check this out. The cast is so great.

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Thanks for the kind words Evan ^_~ They have some tough mission choices for Thur.

My group is thinking about playing a game of BoB as well, so I’m gonna start watching it now to see if it’s something I can manage :sweat_smile:. I’m actually looking forward to try the game.

The roll20 sheet is pu to date with the final version of the game?
Great work, by the way :smiley:

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It is a fun stream. The players are great and Stras keeps the pace moving.

I’m usually there in the chat. Good times.


The sheets are pretty close? But FF is updating them in the next week or two. There should be nicer new sheets sometime in the future (built from scratch), but it’s probably not be worth it to wait for the new new sheets ^_~


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Great! Then I’ve time to see the videos meanwhile and sort out how to manage an online game for the first time :sweat_smile: Thanks!

This series is fantastic. All caught up and looking forward to more. Highly recommended! Makes me desperate to start my own campaign!