Band of Blades | Saturdays 8pm GMT or 2pm CST

Hello, I have a group who have just done the intro session to Band of Blades when two people left, leaving us with only two players. This means the campaign part of the Band of Blades session is kinda impossible. As such I was hoping I could find another player, or another 2-2 players to fill out the roles. We only need one but there are, of course, the two optional roles also for people to take up.

The group is friendly, we meet at 8pm GMT or 2pm CST to run our sessions and would like to be able to continue this dun, dark, gritty campaign but just need that one extra player.

Hello Hello,
Apologies if this is way too late, but I am looking to join a group for a campaign so that I can learn how to run them as a games master myself!

I have close to 0 experience with the game (apart from having read the entire book with annotations and run one session as GM), but am more than willing to put in the work!

If this is too late then I hope you had fun racing around Doskvol!