Band of Blades - shorter campaign time

I have a question/request.

It is really hard for me to get the same group together and to commit to a 12-16 session campaign with Band of Blades. Even though my group loves the idea and concept/theme around BoB.

I was wondering if others have done a smallish 3-6 session campaign that has a good completion/climax. If so what would that look like?

Actually what would be really cool, is if in one of the expansion books they talk about maybe a ‘halfway’ check point for the larger campaign (first book) that scores and is a good ‘stopping’ off point if folks want to wrap it up.

Does anyone know if there are plans for such a thing or have tried to build it themselves?


I would just reduce the number of destinations they have to stop at between the Western Front and Skydagger Keep. You could handwave those places with some exposition, and/or cover what went on there with some rolls in the same way you would Secondary Missions.

I am worried this approach (run less missions) will lead to a problem with pacing of campaign mode (the campaign will be much easier and themes of resource scarcity and time management will be lessened). I would instead shorten the primary missions to only 1-2 obstacles per mission (which Stras recommends elsewhere in the threads) and try to run 2 missions a night.

You could also try running some locations as both being secondary missions resolved purely with engagement rolls, but given how harsh 2ndary missions are, I would be worried about crushing your group with this approach).

Good luck!