Banner pins to stick on roll20 map

I made some banner icons for the squads, and broken, to stick on your map in roll20. I’ve only recently discovered BoB and haven’t actually started playing yet, but I’m going to use them to show a record of missions on the map.


Damn, I wish I had this 2 months ago! Excellent work, thanks for sharing!

WOW these are so rad and handy @Barlimain!!! Can I mention these on twitter?

Yeah of course, feel free Stras!

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  1. wow, that’s awesome. I want to do something like that.
  2. I am curious what you use these for. My understanding is that all the squads stick together and advance position as a group. In what situations are various squads in different positions on the map? As I said I would love to do something like this, just curious how you recommend I use them? Is it a historical track of each mission? Does it just mark who is out on missions currently?

A visual history of which squads went on missions at which location is the best use I can think of.

In our game I use them to help remind us of which squads are currently assigned to a mission, and I use other tokens to denote victories and defeats for various missions.

This is really cool! Wish I’d had them for my campaign… Maybe when the next campaign comes out…

Nice ones - good idea with using the squad emblemd. I use generic one with color-coding (red-primary, brown-secondary, grey-dismissed). Almost there…



@Barlimain Thank you for sharing these markers. I’m putting them to good use in our game!


Ha, that’s awesome rando - I want to steal your idea of destroying the map behind them, although I can’t think of a good looking method I’m capable of pulling off. I just now saw @Tarkis has done something similar with shadow too.

@amazingrando version of destroying the map is really neat - I like the textured feel with blood splatter :slight_smile:

My “shadow” is pretty easy to do. I keep all the elements of map on different layers (one for map, one for markers and in between one for each shadow “increment”).

Shadow layer is just a black blot with the layer opacity set to around 40%.

After each session I copy the latest Shadow layer on top of the previous one and add a bit more black.

I use “paint .net” (name, not URL :slight_smile: ) and inkscape, but I guess any graphic program with layers would do.