Barrak Mines missions

Missions I generated for Barrak Mines:

Operation Indigo Match, Supply Mission
A flare has been launched further up in the mountains and it is the believed that a caravan heading to Barrak Mines with vital mining equipment from the Eastern Kingdoms has run into trouble. If enough Black Earth for a sustained war effort is to be mined quickly the community needs that equipment. The Legion has been contracted for a rescue mission, or in the worst-case scenario to salvage what they can and bring it back.
Reward: +3 Supply
Penalty: -1 Morale

Operation Swamp Moon,Religious Special Mission
Almost 300 years ago, Oysingra—a Chosen of the Living God—was entombed. She fought alongside Zora against the Last Emperor, but was horrifically wounded. Details of her death vary from being entombed
alive to committing suicide. Zora is still not talking much but has in few words explained it might be worth it for the Legion to prevent Osyingra remains from being desecrated by the Cinder King.

Rewards: +1 Supply. Living God’s Blessing: Specialists and Soldiers on this mission gain an advance when Oysingra is laid to rest. Favor: Mercy, Knowledge, Glory

Penalties: None.

Operation Hanging Garden, Assault Mission
Three years ago, when the war reached Barrak Mines the legendary 3rd Orrite Sapper Expedition was chased through a mine complex and staged a daring operation to blow all exits and trap the undead army inside. Their success was bought through blood, sweat and a shitload of explosives that shook the mountains. It seems the undead have not forgotten and are digging out the lost undead army to bolster their forces. If the Legion does not stop this, they will have another army chasing them madly through the mountains after being cooped up for three years.
Reward: +2 Morale, -1 time
Penalty: +1 Pressure